Prolonged Exposure Therapy


Prolonged Exposure Therapy  also known as “PE”, is an evidenced-based manualized treatment for individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a theoretically-based treatment for chronic PTSD and related depression, anxiety, and anger. The goal of PE therapy is to decrease the symptoms of PTSD and help survivors of trauma reclaim their life and activities through education, exposure activities, and therapeutic  emotional processing. This is accomplished through in vivo and imaginal exposure.


In vivo exposure involves the participant repeatedly engaging in activities, situations, or behaviors that are avoided because of the trauma, but which are not actually dangerous.


“Over time, In vivo exposure reduces excessive fear, and other distressing emotions, and encourages the recognition that the avoided situations are not excessively dangerous, and that the client can cope effectively even when distressed (Center for Deployment Psychology, 2013).”


Imaginal exposure involves the re-telling of the traumatic experience memory aloud in detail. The narrative is recorded and the participant listens to the recording between sessions to maximize therapeutic value.


“Revisiting the event in this way promotes processing of the trauma memory by activating the thoughts and emotions associated with the trauma in a safe context. Imaginal exposure also helps the client realize he or she can cope with the distress associated with the memory (Center for Deployment Psychology, 2013).”



Per previous research studies, PE treatment has been empirically validated with more than 20 years of research supporting its treatment to help individuals process their traumatic events and reduce their trauma-induced psychological disturbances (Center for the  Treatment and Study of Anxiety, n.d.).


Have you experienced a life changing event that continues to haunt you? Have you been told that you are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?  This service may be for you! Our PE  service is a brief specialized treatment for trauma survivors. PE services involve 10-15 sessions.


To learn more about this service click here.   Call our offices for a free 30 minute consultation  to assess whether our Prolonged Exposure Therapy is a good fit for you! 


Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model


The Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model  also known as “T.R.E.M.”, is a manualized group-based intervention program designed to process trauma recovery among women between the ages of 18-60, with histories of exposure to physical  and  sexual abuse. Drawing on cognitive restructuring, psychoeducation, and skills-training techniques, the gender-specific group emphasizes the development of coping skills and social support. T.R.E.M. addresses both short-term and long-term consequences of violent victimization, including mental health symptoms, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and substance abuse. This 10 session cohort will present structured topics, ice-breakers, and experiential activities to accommodate the learning styles and special needs of  the group participants. Each cohort will consist of 8-10 members.


“TREM has been successfully implemented in a wide range of service settings (mental health, substance abuse, criminal justice) and among diverse racial and ethnic populations (Community Connections, 2008).”


T.R.E.M Group: A Time To Heal: Moving Beyond The Pain  Spring 2017


Diamonds & Pearls


Diamonds & Pearls is a Girls Trauma Empowerment Recovery Model program also known as “G-T.R.E.M.” Diamonds & Pearls is a manualized group-based intervention program adapted from the women’s TREM curriculum, specifically designed for adolescent girls between the ages of 12-18, who have been exposed to a range of traumatic experiences and interpersonal violence. The goal of this program is to enhance participants coping skills and social supports by way of psychoeducation and cognitive restructuring to decrease the risk of revictimization. This 10 session cohort will present structured topics, ice-breakers, and fun experiential activities to accommodate the learning styles and special needs of each adolescent girl. Each cohort will consist of 8-10 members.


Diamonds & Pearls Coming Spring 2017


The Village


The Village is a manualized group-based parenting intervention program for women that teaches non-traditional methods in parenting. The curriculum used contains two distinct parenting interventions. The Impact of Early Trauma on Parenting Roles curriculum consists of sessions that help women explore the impact of their trauma history on their feelings and expectations of motherhood and parenting. The Parenting at a Distance curriculum is for women who are not primary caregivers to their children. The goal of this parenting group is to enhance participants parenting skills, resources, and build parenting self-confidence in using non-traditional measures to discipline. This 10 session group will present structured topics, ice-breakers, and experiential activities to accommodate the learning styles and special needs of group participants. Each cohort will consist of 8-10 members.


The Village Group Coming Spring 2017