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 Beautiful Period 

Like many of us, I have had my share of life challenges that has become my strength and God-given purpose. As a cancer survivor and survivor of life adversities, my life experiences of insecurities, abuse, and multiple physical illnesses have afforded me opportunities to work with women of all ages, sharing of my own story of pain to purpose in hopes to bring about emotional healing and self-love.

Thus the birthing of Beautiful Period……..

Beautiful Period is a God inspired self-love movement derived from my personal journey of pain. This movement was created to empower, inspire, and motivate women; the young and mature, to LIVE LIFE and LOVE SELF regardless of infirmities, disabilities, past trauma, or the emotional baggage that has the capacity to steal your sense of self-worth.

In life, you will experience difficult times. YOU can not allow your circumstances to define you, but rather allow God to work a newness within YOU, to begin to see yourself how God sees you. YOU have a divine purpose, so let’s walk by faith and enjoy this self-love movement together.

You are Beautiful Period!!!

 Dr. Tashina Okorie