The Beautiful Period Retreat experience was life changing! 


Our presenters spoke life into everyone in attendance with meaningful sharing of their
own life experiences.¬†LaQuisha Antony spoke on the importance of embracing God’s Love for there is no shame, guilt, or judgment in Christ. To be totally free we must not hide from God, because he already knows about our pain and transgressions, but rather surrender in obedience to the Lord to gain true freedom in being our true self. Tangy Macon-Major spoke on the importance of having faith in Christ in the midst of our pain, for God will stand by his promises and restore all that was lost. We must seek Christ every second, minute and hour. Despite our own “truth”, Christ is the ultimate Truth who can change your¬†circumstances into many blessings.

We all were overwhelmed with the new sisterhood that was established through our intimate sharing, empowering, and encouragement of each other! We had a blast!
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